Resume Creation Process

Your Resume Package Includes:

A Free Consultation: I will happily look over your current resume and explain what needs to be worked on before we get started.

A 1-Hour to 90-minute interview with me: Or however long it takes to uncover your true accomplishments and key character traits and the stories that illustrate them.

Resume and Cover Letter Drafts: Within 36 hours, I can provide you with a brand new resume and cover letter with different styles and approaches.

Two Review Sessions: I will go over your new resume and cover letter with you twice, for as long as it takes, until you are pleased with the final product.

Ongoing Support: In today’s tight job environment, resumes need to be adjusted to match the requirements of each job you want to apply to. I include up to four such resume alignments as part of each package.

And if you are in an occupation where you need to be on LinkedIn, I offer:

LinkedIn Conversion and Strategy Session: I can convert your resume into a dynamic LinkedIn page and show you how to use LinkedIn to uncover and research potential job openings, and help increase your professional visibility.

If you choose to commission me, I will send you a Resume Preparation Kit, which includes a questionnaire, and schedule a Zoom call for a day or two later when you have completed the questionnaire.

What happens when we meet?

First, we’ll shift your resume’s focus from job responsibilities to your career achievements. I’ll help you recall and present your best stories so readers can see what you’ll do for them. Hiring managers love getting this information, but most resumes don’t give it to them.

Next, we’ll increase their interest by showing that you have the character traits they want, but they can’t ask about. When we present stories showing those traits in action, hiring managers will know that you’ll be a good fit. And they’ll be more eager to hire you.

Finally, we’ll increase your confidence level in your interviews. Once I show you how to demonstrate your true worth in interviews, you will be a more relaxed, engaged and engaging interviewee. And the hiring managers who interview you will notice the difference.

After gathering all of this valuable information, I will prepare the first drafts of your resume and cover letter and send them to you within two business days. After you advise me of any changes and corrections to these documents, I’ll send the final versions to you within one business day.

My “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand job seekers find new jobs faster. In addition, many of those clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.