Vancouver’s Business Case Study Writing Services

Sales-closing resumes for your products or services

Why hire a resume writer to produce a business case study?

An effective resume makes job interviews happen by showing hiring managers how hiring you will solve the problems they need someone to solve. An effective case study triggers sales by showing prospects how your product or service solved a business problem for one of your existing clients – possibly the same problem your prospect is is now facing.

When your prospect reads the customer’s story, they see that your product stands up to the claims you’ve made for it. As a result, they’re more likely to purchase it. Here’s why:

  • The story engages your prospect’s energy and emotion and supports their enthusiasm for your product,
  • The customer’s success validates their purchasing decision,
  • Because your customer’s story confirms your product claims, your prospect is more ready to trust you.

It takes a special kind of writer to produce a compelling case study. He must understand your customer’s business: appreciate the scope of the problem your product solved, draw out critical details from customers who don’t realize their significance to show all the differences your solution made. Finally, he must present your story in a powerfully persuasive way.

That’s precisely the expertise that I bring to the table!

I’ve written over 1,200 resume packages for everyone from janitors to CEO’s. My clients call my resumes “magic,” “crucial to their success,” and backed by “tremendous support.” And I’m happy to say that they find me “extremely competent and professional” as well as “diligent, focused, fast, a delight to work with and worth every penny.”

What’s my secret? In-depth interviews that uncover the full scope of problems my clients have faced coupled with descriptions of their solutions that show all of the benefits they received.

And the result? They got the interviews.

So when I outline the challenges your client faced, explain why they chose your solutions, review their implementation, and, most important, describe their results, your prospects will see your solutions working for them – and they will buy them. Here’s an example.

To get one of my case studies working for you, call me at 604 418-7094 or email me at [email protected].

My “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand job seekers find new jobs faster. In addition, many of those clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.