What Clients Say: 

“Tim was a fantastic person to work with, a true professional. He helped me get my first CEO job. You can’t go wrong with Tim’s, experience, talents, and professionalism.”
Don Coulter,
CEO connectFirst Credit Union
Former CEO Concentra Bank / Wyth Financial, Former CEO Coast Capital Savings

“Thank you for your tremendous support . . . the resume was crucial in terms of selling my skills. I am off to manage five international airports as the Chief Executive Officer. It was a pleasure to work with you.”
Andrew O’Brian,
CEO, Centerline Airport Partners,
Former CEO Corporacion Quiport S. A. (South America’s Leading Airport)

“It is less than a month since you sent the resume package and I already have three interviews set including my #1 target – CTO of one of Canada’s 25 largest companies. I may end up being spoilt for choice!”
Clive Packham,
National Practice Leader for Transit,
Associated Engineering

“Tim is extremely competent and professional. He completely rewrote my resume after interviewing me and came up with a fantastic piece of work. In less than three weeks, I got a couple of interviews and landed a job. You couldn’t really ask for more. I thoroughly recommend Tim to anyone looking for instant results.”
Odiri Mike-Ifeta,
DHARRO (a SaaS company)

“During the last three weeks, I attended four job interviews and today I received two job offers.”
Oddy Trillo,
Vice-President, Operations,

“Fast and Focused Resume Services owner Tim Cunningham was gentle, kind and extremely thorough in bringing out my gifts, talents and value to potential employers. The cover letter he artistically created brought my resume to the top of the heap of over 1,000 applications for a new position in the government and his resume writing was like a symphony on paper. The hiring panel told me that my cover letter had a wow factor and my resume was the most impressive out of all of them. I strongly recommend investing your time and money in Tim’s resume services. It’s worth it!”
Jonene Bryan, BScN, RN
Nurse Manager

“I came across Tim as I was keenly looking for a professional to connect with in the large undertaking in finally investing in myself and my career. Tim is incredibly knowledgeable, very efficient and asked me questions positioned to bring out the absolute best in me. Tim helped create the best resume I have seen to date and I say this confidently as part of my role is recruitment. I am just beginning my job search and have no reservations that I most certainly will get a phone call from anyone that gets a hold of my resume, cover letter or executive profile. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim if you are contemplating truly investing in yourself and your career.”
“UPDATE: I applied to a position with the resume Tim prepared and received a call within 24 hours!!!! 3 rounds of interviews with solid prep material from Tim and I GOT THE JOB!!!!”
Wendy Kebwaro, MBA PMP,
Chief Operating Officer,
BC Centre for Disease Control

“I was first introduced to Tim after a colleague who was leaving our company recommended him to me. At the time, I was thinking of leaving my job too, but was too busy to pull myself and my resume together. I found Tim reliable, detail-oriented, fast, and efficient. In a week, I had a refreshed resume and cover letter to get started. In a month, I had numerous interviews, which led to multiple job offers, and eventually, a new job with a 45% bump in the salary. This was such a worthwhile investment in my career. I have since recommended Tim to a few friends and family, and will keep doing so.
Maryam Najafian Razavi,
Product Manager

“Your magic resume writing produced more than ten different interviews within just three weeks and played a crucial role in landing a job with a major local company and as a board member of a non-profit. Besides the offer I accepted, I got two other offers.”
Eric Li,
Accounting Manager,
Schneider Electric

“I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position as Manager, Clinical Operations, Seniors Services with a Regional Health Unit. I could not have done this without your expert help in refining my resume and LinkedIn profile. Thanks again.”
A. Prashad,
Manager, Clinical Operations Seniors Services,
BC Regional Health Unit

“Major success: a . . . management position in less than a month! Your attention to detail and consideration of my true strengths and goals were paramount to my securing this amazing position. You said it would not take long to get calls. I had my pick of the crop, and I am so very happy to have contacted you.”
Jennifer Gibson
Digital Sales Manager

“In the 16 days since you sent me the resume package, I’ve been called for five interviews – in the middle of the recession!”
Agne Zuraskaite,
Business Development Manager,
The Economist

“Tim did an absolutely fantastic job with my CV. This isn’t just a matter of formatting and optimization – Tim conducts a rigorous interview and writes your CV in a manner that ensures that the companies you want to work for want to meet you. It is worth every penny you will spend.” 
Debra Murphy,
Business Development Professional

“I hired Tim to help write my resume. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Numerous people have commented on the quality of my resume, and I found my next job easily with its help. For such a valuable and effective service it was extremely cost effective too.”
Ronan Lehane, CPA,
Investor Manager,
Quintessential Equity,
Melbourne, Australia

“I highly recommend Tim for his expertise and integrity.”
Anthony Fenton, Ph.D.,
University Lecturer

“Was trying to change my career path, and was getting no bites from anyone for months. Got Tim to redo my resume and focus it toward my desired path, and I had interviews lined up within a week of applying, and within one month I had landed a job. 
I just contacted Fast & Focused again because of a new opportunity for myself. I don’t think I will be going back to a self- prepared resume again, the guy is way too good.”
Ben Strickland,

“I never knew I could look this professional. Tim has given me the best resume of my 26-year career. It turned out so well because he asks a lot of questions. Tim keeps digging until he finds the hidden gems and then commits them to paper. He knew nothing about my specific industry when we started but by drilling down, he is able to highlight what is most important to managers in my business. Working with Tim was a pleasure because he is a true artist who cares about his craft. And he met all my deadlines and answered all my emails. Thank you so much.”
Wayne Stefan,
Territory Manager

“Tim nailed the resume that made me land in my dream job. What I liked the most in the process were his skills to read my master resume, proceed with an interview and after all that, come up with excellent material (resume and cover letter). Thank you, Tim. I hope you keep helping people achieve their dreams as you did with me.”
Joao Pimental,

“I can’t give a higher recommendation than 5 stars, and that’s unfortunate. Within days of putting out my new resume I was making 30% more money and doing more interesting work. I didn’t realize hiring a professional in this capacity would make such a difference. I have no interest in writing my own resume ever again. I’m a Trade-person, a professional. For me, it hurts to watch amateurs try to imitate the skills that skilled tradespeople have, and produce inferior, ugly or even unsafe and dangerous results. I have a pretty do-it-yourself attitude in life, but I would feel like a complete jackass writing my own resume after experiencing Fast and Focused Results.”
Bartimaeus Hyde,
Trades Professional

Thank you, Tim, for creating an excellent resume for me. You made a tedious process that I was dreading – enjoyable! I feel great about my new resume and possibilities for the future.
*UPDATE* Got the job offer! Thanks again!

Mia Nygaard,

“In a new city with no contacts, your resume quickly moved me into a job. Thanks again.”
Bernd Gramberg,
Architectural Technologist / Project Manager,
Toronto, ON

“Despite the recession, the resume has worked. It’s been four days since you emailed the final drafts and I have two interviews set for this coming week. Thanks again.”
Marko Kojic,
Project Manager

“Just wanted to thank you for the great resume. I just got a job thanks to your efforts.”
Rick Lahure,
Project Manager / Network Engineer,

“I have recommended two more people to you. My job is going along swimmingly, and they seem to be very happy to have me. If they decide to keep me, I will be set. If not, I shall need you again to update my resume!”
Barbara McGuire,
Territory Manager,

“Tim walked me through the process of resume writing and helped me put some perspective on the qualities and personal traits that were valuable to the different positions I was interested in attaining. I am employed again–so there’s the best result one can hope for!”
Julie Slater,
Assistant Manager,
Comdex Properties Inc.

“I was able to find a good-paying job in about a month. When I was dropping off my resumes, I was getting good feedback also.”
Katrina Arnold,

“I needed help developing my resume and I found Tim based on the reviews he got on Google. I’m glad I decided to use his service! He understood my preference and the way I described my background and job description duties. He’s very keen and he was able to summarize my words professionally. When I needed some extra improvements on my resume, he helped me out very quickly. I’m impressed with his work and overall professionalism. Thanks Tim!”
Gess Smith,
Trades Professional

“I was hired at Sierra Systems as a Technical Lead for their Vancouver office. They were definitely impressed with my resume. Thanks again.”
Rodre Ghorashi-Zadeh

“Tim was straight as an arrow for me during a difficult time. The resume he wrote for me was a big difference maker during my career. Over ten years later he did it again and produced a top-notch resume for me.”
Andrew Copland,
BC Ferries

“When I first started working with Tim, I was incredibly skeptical. After all, I didn’t have a lot of experience working in “prestigious” roles. However, by asking me the right questions and encouraging me to dig deep, Tim was able to craft various success stories based on my past and present experiences. In addition, he was always willing to edit my resume and answer any career-related questions that I had. Thanks to him, I was able to land a position that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. So to anyone who’s looking for a new job or career: definitely take advantage of Tim’s service. He’ll not only be able to write you a resume that’s detailed and concise, but he’ll be able to highlight all your success stories, thereby helping you to land at the top of the candidate list… Thanks Tim!”
Darren Li,
Customer Service

“I hope that your business continues to grow. I will recommend you to my colleagues.”
Shannon Leisz,
District Manager,
Major coffeehouse chain

“Tim crafted a resume that not only showed my talents but expressed them in a way that was not only accurate but eloquent. He has a rare gift for the written word. Tim is diligent, focused, fast, a delight to work with and worth every penny.”
Julia Vidacovic,
Business Coach & Entrepreneur

“As a former HR guy, I know all about resumes, and you wrote a great one. With every key achievement powerfully stated and organized for maximum impact, your resume proved that I was an ideal candidate.”
Rob Arthurs,
Olympic Legacy & Business Services,

Tim Cunningham helped me re-do my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account. He was very professional and efficient. Demonstrated a lot of knowledge, patience and delivered great quality work.
Elenora Rikhof

My “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand job seekers find new jobs faster. In addition, many of those clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.