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You have mastered every aspect of your business. You have delivered exceptional results in every assignment. Now you want to move to the top.

You know the competition for senior positions is fierce. So you know you need an executive resume package that summarizes your outstanding record and presents you as a first-class candidate.

Over the last decade, I’ve helped many CEO’s, COO’s, and Presidents find new positions. Here’s what some of them say about my work.

Why do my executive resumes deliver such exceptional results?

It takes a certain kind of writer to write executive resume packages that get results like these. It takes someone who has been there, who understands the challenges of leadership, and who knows how to uncover key details.

Many resume writers started as HR juniors. But I came to resume writing after years working in operations, financial supervision, sales, and running my own company. That experience gives me an edge when it comes to helping you remember, value and present the full range of your skills and accomplishments. When you work with me, we will:

tickHighlight your ability to spot – and leverage – game-changing opportunities.

tickShow how you rise to crucial challenges – and exceed expectations when you do.

tickRecord how you meet significant crises with decisive leadership, and

tickPresent your outstanding teambuilding skills.

When you submit an executive resume that confirms the exceptional ROI you offer, the best companies will call you for their best opportunities. Your job search will be shorter, and you’ll be more confident and relaxed in your interviews.

So why let an average resume get in the way of your dreams? Call me at 604-418-7094 or 1-800-514-6208 to commission the executive resume package that will take you to the top.

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My “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand job seekers find new jobs faster. In addition, many of those clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.

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