Reference Dos and Don’ts

A reference is a crucial tool that helps persuade employers that you are the candidate they need by illustrating your performance in past positions. So how can you get persuasive references? Choose between three and five professional colleagues (managers, fellow employees, vendors, customers or other stakeholders) who appreciate your work and can speak to it [...]

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Leaving an Unethical Employer  

How do you explain to a prospective employer that you want to leave your present employer because of its smelly ethics? One of my favourite employment resources, Nick Corcodilos of, recently discussed that question. His post and readers’ responses are found at, ( but I'll give you the highlights with my comments. Nick’s answer [...]

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What’s Different About Executive Resumes?

What’s Different About Executive Resumes? An executive resume must cover more ground than a resume for managers. In addition to documenting the executive's ability to deal effectively with financial management, develop new marketing initiatives, improve processes, cut bloat, and mentoring juniors etc., an executive resume must show excellence in at least three additional areas wherever [...]

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What Makes You Stand Out From Others?

What more am I doing than others? That’s a searching question for anyone seeking new employment opportunities. Twenty years ago, the conventional resume gave out the writer’s contact information, education details and job descriptions. And many people still rely on this kind of resume. But today, with the internet enabling more people to apply to [...]

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Keep on Writing Cover Letters

Want to start a vehement discussion in a crowd of career professionals? You don’t need to throw a golden apple. Just ask whether job seekers should still write cover letters. Here are some of the many arguments in favor of the practice: The cover letter is an expected part of business etiquette. If you don’t [...]

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Don’t Forget the Glicken

You’ve studied state-of-the-art resume writing and you’ve cut your job descriptions to the bone. You’ve selected accomplishments that match each job ad’s requirements and presented those achievements in ways that highlight all the benefits you’ll bring to your next employer. If you’ve done all that, congratulations! You are now among the five per cent of [...]

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