What Makes You Stand Out From Others?

What more am I doing than others? That’s a searching question for anyone seeking new employment opportunities. Twenty years ago, the conventional resume gave out the writer’s contact information, education details and job descriptions. And many people still rely on this kind of resume. But today, with the internet enabling more people to apply to [...]

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Keep on Writing Cover Letters

Want to start a vehement discussion in a crowd of career professionals? You don’t need to throw a golden apple. Just ask whether job seekers should still write cover letters. Here are some of the many arguments in favor of the practice: An effective cover letter can capture the reader’s interest, If you don’t write [...]

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Don’t Forget the Glicken

You’ve studied state-of-the-art resume writing and you’ve cut your job descriptions to the bone. You’ve selected accomplishments that match each job ad’s requirements and presented those achievements in ways that highlight all the benefits you’ll bring to your next employer. If you’ve done all that, congratulations! You are now among the five per cent of [...]

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Don’t Forget Reference Letters

In the old days, job-seekers sometimes included reference letters with their resumes and cover letters in their job applications. With the rise of the internet and email making it easier for employers to contact references directly, employers began asking for reference lists – a list of references’ names together with their contact information. Today, while [...]

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Networking Versus Resumes? It’s Both/And Not Either/Or

The “Ask The Headhunter” blog is essential reading for jobseekers on topics ranging from networking to quitting. But in this post (https://www.asktheheadhunter.com/13730/resumectomy), written in response to a reader's question, I think the writer overstated the case for utilizing networking over against the use of resumes. Here’s why I disagree. ---------------- The original questioner asked: “Does [...]

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7 Things that Make You Look Dated on Your Resume

Let’s face it: working on your resume takes a lot of time. But it’s essential to work on it a little every so often, so you don’t have to do a major update that takes hours. Anything worth doing is worth doing well; since your resume is the first thing potential employers see, it’s worth [...]

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10 Things You Should and Should Not Do During a Job Interview

Job interviews are absolutely vital in the job-seeking world. While what you say in response to interview questions is important, it’s not the only thing being evaluated. How you present yourself to an employer is everything. Your body language, tone of voice, speech patterns, mannerisms, and overall personality are all being watched under a microscope. [...]

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