LinkedIn Coaching Session

What We Will Cover

As a candidate in search of employment in the aftermath of the pandemic, it is crucial to couple your resume with a strong LinkedIn profile to give you the best chance of landing interviews. I can help you convert your resume into the dynamic LinkedIn profile you need, teach you how to uncover and research potential job openings, and how to strategize towards better visibility. We will cover your choice of photo, how to write a summary that stands out, and how to reach out to potential employers.

Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. LinkedIn makes a recruiter’s decision easy because it gives the essentials of your resume as well as recommendations, photos, links, and it easily allows recruiters to track candidates over time.

With a user base of 400 million, LinkedIn has made its mark, and now most companies use it to recruit future employees. A total of 92% of recruiters use social media to vet talent, and LinkedIn is ahead of the pack with 87% usage. In addition, there are currently more than 6.5 million jobs posted on LinkedIn’s Job Boaard, making it a hotbed for career advancement.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, I will certainly help you create one that mirrors your persuasive resume, and together your tools will be enough to land you interviews. I guarantee it.

My “magic” resumes have helped more than a thousand job seekers find new jobs faster. In addition, many of those clients received multiple interview invitations within one or two weeks.