Professional resume writers have a big secret. We use it to create resumes that get interviews for our clients.

Human resource experts have known for years that most jobs seekers send in resumes that don’t get interviews. The vast majority of these resumes get rejected because their writers “major on minors and miss the point.” They list every responsibility they carried in each job description. But they miss the big secret of a successful resume. They don’t talk about how well they did their jobs and how they helped their employers. And that’s a very bad mistake.

So what is the big secret that professional writers use to get our clients more interviews? We change the focus of your resume. Instead of listing every responsibility for every job our clients held, we outline the scopes of these jobs in short outlines. Then, for each job, we add two or three accomplishment statements that highlight how our clients helped meet their employers’ or their customers’ needs.

Why is this difference important?

Let’s look at the situation from the hiring manager’s point of view. Hiring managers need to hire good people so their companies can continue to thrive. The day after their job ads close, hiring managers will find a pile of resumes on their desks. They have other things to do; they can’t take the time to interview everybody, so their first decision is this: how can I identify the good people I need to interview? One way they answer this question is to throw out any resumes that are limited to outlining responsibilities – because these resumes don’t give any indication of how well each applicant did their jobs.

On the other hand, a sure way to get their attention is to make sure your resume is marked by a pattern of relevant accomplishments. Then the hiring manager can see at a glance that you are an applicant who should be interviewed as quickly as possible.

So when you write your next resume, don’t go into too much detail about your previous responsibilities. Put the professional resume writers’ big secret to work – for you. Major on your accomplishments.

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