ChatGPT is the fad of the day; almost every influencer under the sun is busy telling everyone who’ll listen that they need ChatGPT, what it does, and how to use it.

Most simply put, ChatGPT is a web-based natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that can answer questions and help with tasks, such as composing emails, essays, and code.

So, can ChatGPT help you write your resume?

Not really. While the app may bring together a great collection of character traits, responsibilities, and duties, it is a snare for those who rely on it to either edit or target their resumes.

Why? Three reasons.

First, tests have shown that ChatGPT can mix fiction with its facts. Resume writing has no place for any factual errors when an untruth on a resume is grounds for termination, especially if ChatGPT replaces some of your genuine accomplishments with its own generic accomplishments, something that has been known to occur.

Second, it’s an unnecessary and risky complication. You don’t need ChatGPT to describe job responsibilities; the ads for the jobs you apply for give you all the information you need. From each job ad, you will learn what your target job’s responsibilities are. With that knowledge, you can design the responsibility lists for your previous positions to make them the closest possible match to your target job. Meanwhile, if 10 or a hundred people rely on ChatGPT to produce job descriptions for the same job, their job descriptions will be nearly or fully identical. Hiring managers will soon recognize these essentially identical resumes as being AI-produced rather than the product of an individual mind. And that finding will speak of the resume writers’ lack of detail orientation and professionalism. Submitting such a resume may also reduce those job seekers’ chances of obtaining other employment with their target company.

Finally, by focusing on job descriptions, ChatGPT distracts your reader’s attention from where it truly belongs. The primary focus of your resume must not be your job descriptions but your success stories and how well you helped your employers. When you document your individual achievements, team wins, and consistent patterns of accomplishments extending throughout your career, you set yourself apart from other applicants who don’t provide this information. More important this information is what hiring managers love to see since it shows them that you can solve their problems, improve their processes, and make the business more successful.

Imagine asking an AI app to provide this information. Since the app doesn’t know your work history and its’ wins, ChatGPT will give you no help in this area. And it is your professional wins, success stories, and accomplishment statements that will persuade a hiring manager to call you.

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