When buckling down for a serious job hunt, it’s crucial to have all your ducks in a row before you get started because success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Whether you find the perfect job online, or you’re referred through strong networking, those opportunities will come but you have to be ready for them. It’s important to get the following tasks done before you begin your search to prevent application roadblocks and stress.

Of course, putting together a solid resume is crucial, but let’s assume you’ve already that. What’s important now is to make a template with which you can easily swap in and out your experience in order to highlight what the employer wants to see.

Same goes for your cover letter. No need to rewrite your entire letter every time you apply for a job. Instead, create a template and fill in the blanks where you need. All you’ll have to do is rewrite a paragraph or two that appeals to each specific employer. Take your time when you do this though, do some research and become as knowledgeable about the business as possible before you put anything down on paper.

Usually, you will only be asked for a resume and cover letter, but as businesses are becoming more and more tech-savvy, they will want to see your LinkedIn profile. Whether they ask for a link or not, they’re probably going to find it. If they find something outdated, it might mean getting crossed off their list. You don’t need to use LinkedIn daily, but keep that profile looking fresh with a nice photo and up-to-date employment history.

When an opportunity arises and you’re ready for it, it won’t take you hours to apply. It can be the difference between applying easily or giving up halfway – the difference between a strong, persuasive application and a weak one.


To your success!

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