You’ve studied state-of-the-art resume writing and you’ve cut your job descriptions to the bone. You’ve selected accomplishments that match each job ad’s requirements and presented those achievements in ways that highlight all the benefits you’ll bring to your next employer.

If you’ve done all that, congratulations! You are now among the five per cent of job applicants whose resumes used to deliver an above average number of interview calls. But with the job market so tight today, many more people are applying for each opening than ever before.

When there were only a hundred applicants for each job, a resume that got you into the top five per cent was good enough to guarantee multiple interviews very quickly. Today, when many professional job ads draw more than a thousand applications, the wise job seeker needs to create something more persuasive than yesterday’s interview generating resume.

You need an additional edge.

You need glicken.

“What’s glicken?” you ask.

Glicken is the icing on the cake, the cherry on the ice cream sundae. It is that little extra sweetness that finishes off a dessert. In resume writing, one kind of glicken is showing hiring managers that you have some skills they need that weren’t listed in their job ads.

One of these skills is keeping your head and devising solutions that resolve emergencies. So, I ask my clients: what kinds of crises have you managed? If you’re an electrical project manager, did a subcontractor bail on building a junction box connecting two different signaling systems, leaving you to build the box on short notice? If you’re a nurse, did you save a patient from dying from an overdose by identifying a medication error from the patient’s condition change? If you’re an operations manager, did you quickly recruit a supplier when your just-in-time supply system broke down?

Stories like these set you apart from others and give managers one more reason to consider hiring you.

What’s your glicken?

Add it to your resume.

To your success!
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