Just about every writer on finding a new job will say that networking is the best way to do it. And they’re right. Researching potential employers in depth, deciding on the companies you want to work for, cultivating relationships with people who work there, and then leveraging those relationships to connect with the hiring managers really is the best way to get interviews. And even if you get the interviews, and a job doesn’t result, keep in contact with those managers. You never know: down the road they might have the perfect job for you.

For everybody who is considering new employment this is clearly the best way to go, especially if you want to land your dream job.


There’s one drawback to this method. It takes time. It’s like farming. Just as it takes a lot of time for crops to grow, this approach can take months or even years to bear fruit.

And time is something one kind of jobseeker doesn’t have.

Those jobseekers are the people who don’t have a job and need one – ASAP.

Being out of work that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage in the job farming activities of networking.  In fact, now may be the best time to start. Why do I say that?

Because somebody you know could be the critical contact who turns out to be your next employer. It’s more likely that you’ll discover someone in your network who knows of a job opening. Maybe your dentist’s son is running a start-up that needs someone like you.

But if you’re out of work you can’t afford to rely on networking alone in order to get the job you need. In that situation, your best option is sending your resume to companies who have posted job ads, while keeping up your networking.

And that means you need a great resume: one that shows off the full range of your skills by demonstrating, in detail, how you used those skills to meet the goals of your former employers. And as a professional resume writer I can help make your job search short and successful by providing you with a great resume and cover letter.

If you’d like my help to produce this kind of resume, call me or send me an email.

And when you get an interview from job farming, don’t forget to take a great resume with you. Your future managers will need it to show their boss why they hired you.

To your success!
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