Tips for Writing your Resume

Keep on Writing Cover Letters.

Want to start a vehement discussion in a crowd of career professionals? You don’t need to throw a golden apple. Just ask whether job seekers should still write cover letters. Here are some of the many arguments in favor of the practice: An effective cover letter can capture the reader’s interest, If you don’t write [...]

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7 Things that Make You Look Dated on Your Resume

Let’s face it: working on your resume takes a lot of time. But it’s essential to work on it a little every so often, so you don’t have to do a major update that takes hours. Anything worth doing is worth doing well; since your resume is the first thing potential employers see, it’s worth [...]

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10 Things You Should and Should Not Do During a Job Interview

Job interviews are absolutely vital in the job-seeking world. While what you say in response to interview questions is important, it’s not the only thing being evaluated. How you present yourself to an employer is everything. Your body language, tone of voice, speech patterns, mannerisms, and overall personality are all being watched under a microscope. [...]

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What You Should Never Include in Your Entry-Level Resume

For all the fretting job seekers devote to what's included in their resume, it's staggering how many entry-level prospects fail to realize what should be left out of their CVs. Your resume is an excellent opportunity to market your skills and share your accomplishments, but it should never stray into irrelevant or self-serving territory. Below, [...]

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to expand your business connections, search for jobs, and reach out to potential employers. With extensive job listings, and the ability to give and receive endorsements and testimonials, it’s the perfect place to land a new job. To get the attention you want on LinkedIn, your profile has to be [...]

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Cover Letters: Everything You Need to Know

Before e-mail, it was customary to send a resume to recruiting managers through the post. Attached to the cover page, the candidate would write a brief description explaining why they were the best candidate for the position. Over time, this gradually became known as the “cover letter.” For the most part, we no longer send [...]

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