So the interview is over, and you can finally breathe normally again…now what? Fortunately, there are more things you can do following your interview to convince your employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position:

Take a Walk
Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just spent anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour selling yourself to a prospective employer—that’s no easy feat. Get some fresh air and try not to think about the interview for a while. It will help clear your head and rid yourself of any leftover interview jitters.

Write it Down
Once you get home, write down everything about the interview. Remember, the interview isn’t just an opportunity for the employer to check you out—it’s just as much an occasion for you to see if you like the vibe of the office, the staff, and the position you would be filling. You may find yourself having to choose between a number of different jobs. Having notes on each interview will help you make an educated choice.

Write a Thank-You Note
This is something many people fail to do, and it’s a great way to show your dedication to the position. If you send the letter in the mail, understand that the employer likely won’t receive it for a few days. This is a simple, common courtesy and will go a long way. Take it a step further by customizing letters to each employer you meet.

Keep Looking
You may have nailed the interview, but it shouldn’t stop you from applying for more jobs. A perfect interview does not necessarily mean you’ve landed the position. To keep your eggs in all baskets, research which companies are advertising positions similar to the one you just applied for, and send them your resume.

Connect on LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn to boost your candidacy following an interview. A few days after your interview, reach out to the person who interviewed you on LinkedIn with a short, friendly message. Express that you enjoyed the interview and you are looking forward to hearing from them, but in the meantime, would like to connect on LinkedIn.

Sometimes, the hardest part following your interview is sitting back and waiting for the phone call. But there are still things you can do to further help your candidacy.

A stellar interview isn’t the only thing required to get you a good job—coupling your interview skills with a professional resume will ensure you are a top candidate for the position.

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