Do you cringe at the thought of writing a resume? You’re not alone. For many of us, our resume finds its home buried deep in the Dropbox, or stuffed under piles of books and magazines we’ll never read. Most of the anxiety associated with writing resumes is a product of simply not knowing how to do it.

As a resume writing professional, here are some solid tips to encourage you to pull out that resume and start making some edits.


Include Relevant Experience
The fact that you worked as a paper-deliverer in your early twenties is not relevant to the account executive job you might be applying for in your thirties. When writing your resume, it’s important to include relevant jobs and skills, and leave out the rest.

A spelling error in a resume can cost you a job, especially if it’s in the first line. To prevent grammatical errors, get a friend or family member to read over your resume with a set of fresh eyes. If you’re still not confident, consider hiring a professional to help you build your resume.

Create a LinkedIn Account
Adding your LinkedIn Account to your resume will boost your candidacy ten-fold. More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of the hiring process. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist in the eyes of many recruiters.


Use Clichés
“Outside of the box,” “original,” and “unique,” are words you should avoid, and only use if necessary. Instead of using these buzzwords, stand out with a stellar layout or a well-articulated description of your skills.

Use Colloquial Language
Instead of “I’m,” write out “I am.” Fully spelling out your words shows professionalism and keen attention to detail. In addition, refrain from using excessive punctuation (like exclamation marks) and do not use emojis.

You might get away with a lie during a phone call interview, but your chances of getting by during the in-person interview are unlikely. Honesty is one of the building blocks of good resume writing. With the digitization of basically everything under the sun, it makes it easier for recruiters to suss out your lies. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Resume writing is not as scary as it may seem. You know who you are, and you know what job you want, the biggest task is just getting it down on paper in a comprehensible, professional way.

If you are looking for professional resume-building, I can help. My name is Tim Cunningham and I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer. By combining business operations knowledge and professional interviewing techniques, I leverage your accomplishments into great career opportunities.

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