If you have a hard time falling asleep the night before a job interview, you’re not alone. Interviews can cause fear and anxiety similar to that caused by public speaking. Someone is about to analyze everything about you, including how you dress, how you speak, and the way you carry yourself.

With a strong resume, and a confident, positive outlook, you can nail your interview and land your dream job. Here are a few tips on dealing with interview nerves.

Deep Breaths
As you nervously wait in the reception area of an unfamiliar office, remind yourself to take deep breaths. Slowly, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will help lower your heart rate and calm you down before you shake your would-be employer’s hand

Book a Morning Interview
Morning interviews are the way to go, both for job seekers and employers. As a job seeker, interviewing in the morning allows you little time to get nervous, and is a great way to kick off your day. Employees are also more likely to offer you a coffee—a great way to take the edge off and bond with your potential employer.

Arrive Early
There is nothing worse than arriving late to an interview, or getting lost on your way there. To avoid arriving in a fluff, with sweat stains and your hair a wreck, map out the location beforehand and find the best way to get there. Arriving early will ensure you make your interview, and show the employer how punctual you are.

Memorize Your Resume
Your resume is for your employer to read over, not for you to lean on during the interview. Before your interview, know which skills you intend to discuss with the employer. Understand which skills are relevant to the position, and have a clear idea of how you would like to present them to the employer.

Exercise Beforehand
Exercise plays an incredible role in uplifting one’s mood. Before your interview, hit the pavement for an early morning run, or a brisk walk around your neighbourhood. Exercise gets endorphins pumping, and leaves you feeling happy and optimistic for your interview.

Watch What You Eat
Food can play a big part in how you feel the day of your interview. If you eat salty, fat-laden foods the night before, like pizza or pasta, you might wake up with a puffy face and dry mouth. Try to stick to vegetables and low fat, high protein foods the evening prior and fruit and granola the morning of the interview.

The interview can be stressful, but often, the hardest part is landing the interview itself. With a stellar resume built and designed by Fast and Focused Resume Service, you’ll have employers calling back in no time. Get in touch today.

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